"SFML Uploads" is a site where developers using the SFML-library can share code-snippets for help with debugging, as well as screenshots and full project archives. Its main purpose is to serve the users from the SFML-forums, but other developers using the library are welcome as well.

This service is discontinued and only exists for porivding access to old files, imageas and code pieces. If you want something removed or changed, please make sure to contact the administrator: info@sfmlprojects.org

What's new?

SFMLUploads Closes - Legacy Access
Monday 7th of April, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Due to unfortunate circumstances the original domain sfmluploads.org has been lost to a domain squatter around a year ago. I always hoped to get the domain back somehow, unfortunately that hasn't happened. Because of that and because the source code is quite a mess, SFMLUploads is closing. But since there are still 'active' links to content here, one can access all the existing files through a legacy system under http://legacy.sfmlprojects.org/. As for the future, you should keep an eye on SFML Projects, because soon enough, you'll be able to host your project files there.

SFMLUploads.org - Relaunch!
Sunday 7th of October, 2012 03:48:39 PM

SFMLUploads.org is finally back online!

After a few ups and more downs SFMLUploads has found a new home and a new owner.
From now on we'll try to keep this service up and running as long as possible with as less downtime as possible. For all the old users that might wonder what might have happened to their files, images and source codes: Worry not, everything has been saved and you just need to log in again!

With the server change there have been a few adjustments but all in your favor although most of them are not visible to the users.
If you experience any problems or have some suggestions you can send us an email to admin@sfmluploads.org or leave us a message in the official forum thread in the SFML forum.


This service is 100% free but we still need to pay the hosting costs somehow, thus if you feel like it, you can make a donation of any amount.

Been a while
Saturday 6th of August, 2011 12:43:52 PM

Fixed a lot of bugs since last post, as well as added some new features.
These include SEO(Search engine optimization) and URI Rewrite, wich means;

Sorry about the delay/slow update rate, and thanks to coolhome for keeping my lazy ass busy!


Friday 17th of June, 2011 02:26:38 PM

There are now two forum threads about this page, if you'd like to discuss it, report bugs, come with ideas etc..

[OLD] On the official sfml-dev.org forum
[NEW] On the official sfml-dev.org forum
On GameDev.net

I've also fixed some minor issues, these include a longer saved login session (so you're no longer logged out after 10 mins or so), and transparent .png screenshots now have proper thumbnails.

I'd also like to say thanks to some people who helped me find bugs and security flaws on this site, as well as come with great ideas. You know who you are.

Don't forget to spread this page ;) Cheers

Bugfixes etc.
Tuesday 14th of June, 2011 05:22:47 PM

Fixed some bugs and potential securityflaws, still some behind-the-scenes
cleanup to do, as well as small visual issues.

Don't forget to spread the word about this site to whoever you think
might find it useful :)


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